Copyright 2009 Eastern Plating Company Website Design by Graphical Media Services ANODIZE Eastern Plating Company anodizes to several different military and commercial specifications with the most common being MIL-A- 8635, TYPES I,II,III, CLASS 1 AND 2, CHEMICAL CONVERSION COATING (AKA IRIDITE) The most common specification for Chemical Conversion Coating is MIL-DTL-5541, Type 1 and 2, Class 1a and 3. Eastern plating performs to any and all combinations. Type 2 conforms to the current RoHS regulations. See  for more information. PASSIVATION QQ-P-35C, ASTM-A-967, ASTM A380, AMS 2700 are the most commonly used specifications for the passivation of stainless steels. Eastern Plating passivates to all of these specifications. Most testing for these specification can be performed in-house. BLACK OXIDE Mil-C-13924, Black Oxide Coating is performed on steels and stainless steels. Eastern Plating performs black oxide coating that meets this specification and other military and commercial specifications. Process Capabilities USEFUL AND INFORMATIVE LINKS - Search and purchase ASTM Specifications - Search and purchase AMS Specifications. - Finishing information and forums - Search and download Military Specifications. - find valuable information about the metal finishing process of aluminum anodizing